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Convoy Logbook

​The Future of Freight was a 40-page digital and print publication that featured thoughtfully curated perspectives on supply chain disruption, freight procurement, market volatility, the true cost of empty miles, and more. The inaugural issue included contributions from supply chain leaders, Convoy, and the trucking community. 

One of our biggest marketing challenges in a highly fragmented industry is breaking through the noise and making our differentiation clear and compelling. Our goal with this initiative is to test a new medium that indexes more heavily on thought leadership content in a format we think will be stickier with ATLs — with the print edition remaining on desks, in break rooms, and on coffee tables versus getting lost in email inboxes or scrolled past on digital feeds. We hope this will be an influential part of the journey for existing accounts as they grow with us — and help us land new Key and Large accounts.

  • Led the creation and execution of “The Future of Freight,” a digital and print publication for supply chain executives and a larger thought leadership and brand awareness campaign. 

    • Produced print in an accelerated timeline of 2.5 months 

    • In the first three weeks of launch, the digital issue was viewed 11,500 times, equating to the total number of page views earned by all blogs combined in the same time period.

    • Drove 460 new visitors to who had never visited before. 

    • Used print to engage with a prospective industrial shipper at conference, completed first shipment in July.

  • “Want to pass on a comment from our [Unilever] customers - I met them for lunch here in Connecticut and both Matt and Andrew mentioned how well done our interactive magazine is. Says the articles are well written and wanted me to pass on compliments!” – Convoy CTO Dorothy Li
    “The content in this issue will help any leader in the logistics space grow and better understand where to look for areas of optimization within their networks.” – Brad Benbow, Ardagh Group

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