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Instagram campaign

At Coyote, our social media strategy aimed to give a unique view into how we were transforming an industry, changing people's lives, and giving back to our community. Our culture was unique—we believed in doing the right thing every time, we lived up to every promise, and we had fun, all while continuing to learn every day. These values were represented by every employee and those we were recruiting.

During this time, I was social media manager, but I was also a liaison with the Recruiting team. Naturally, recruiting messages were woven throughout Coyote's social channels—especially Instagram. Our Instagram was home to vibrant images that depicted Coyote's culture, using #JoinThePack to drive home the objective of recruiting new Coyotes.

Finalist in the INSTAGRAM VIDEO category

The 9th Annual Shorty Awards

The video

In 2016, our strategy included a recruiting campaign that revolved around the video below that lived on our YouTube channel. We used the content of this video to create a series of videos that were posted on Instagram in 2016—each 15 seconds long and ending with the familiar #JoinThePack.

The Instagram campaign
Coyote Instagram campaign.jpg

The Coyote brand revolved around its "No Excuses" mentality. Every Coyote lived and breathed it day in and day out, in the office and outside of it. So it was only fitting that the first video in the series asked the question, "What does No Excuses mean to you?"

A series of shorts

The results

One of our main objectives in our #JoinThePack campaign was to establish Coyote's brand recognition. We wanted to create a series of videos with the same end goal: showcase culture, create brand consistency, and of course, target individuals looking to #JoinThePack.

The campaign began on January 21, 2016, and ended March 31. In that timeframe, we posted five individual short, 15-second clips. Throughout the campaign, we saw total followers increase by 10.3%, 3,281 engagements, video views span over 5,000 with #JoinThePack being the most engaged hashtag with 639 interactions.

There was no advertising spend. For a completely organic campaign, our engagement numbers, video views, and increase of followers were hugely successful for a Coyote-branded video campaign. 

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